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" The technological progress – a merit or a social scourge"

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Проблемный вопрос

Could you refuse of creature comforts? (Сможете ли вы отказаться от благ цивилизации?)

Цели исследования

Найти и изучить информацию о технических изобретениях, наносящих вред окружающей среде.

Узнать смогут ли люди отказаться от благ цивилизации ради сохранения экологии. Провести опрос: «Без каких изобретений вы готовы обойтись».

Оформить результаты исследования.

Ход исследования

1. Поиск материала по данным вопросам.

2. Обсуждение найденной информации.

3. Оформить полученные результаты в виде wiki-статьи.

4. Анализ проделанной работы.

Результаты исследования

Technical inventions are the most important things in everyone’s life. We enjoy their benefit - it’s part of who we are and part of our culture: everyday we watch TV, use telephone, computer, internet, listen to the radio or mp3, drive a car; in fact, technical inventions and the effect they produce, the hottest universal topic of all times. We depend on creature comforts: we use electricity, running water, gas to light, to heat, to cook, to amuse. But we also know so little about inventions - about how they everyday affect our environment. We’ll try to throw the light on the people’s altitudes to smart things what is more important for them: the environment or the comfort of everyday life.

There is a list of technical inventions and there influence on:



  • Because of its ability to create powerful touchstones, TV enables young people to share cultural experiences with others.
  • Shared viewing gives family members of all ages an opportunity to spend time together.
  • Parents can use TV as a catalyst to get kids reading—following up on TV programs by getting books on the same subjects or reading authors whose work was adapted for the programs.
  • Great television can teach kids important values and life lessons.
  • Educational programming can develop young children's socialization and learning skills.
  • News, current events and historical programming can help make young people more aware of other cultures and people.
  • Documentaries can help develop critical thinking about society and the world.
  • TV can help introduce your family to classic Hollywood films and foreign movies that may not be available in your local video store.
  • Cultural programming can open up the world of music and art for young people.



  • Communicate with friends around the world.
  • Play mind games to strangers anywhere!
  • Unlimited facts, information at your fingertips.
  • Listen to all kinds of music.
  • Have your shopping and presents delivered.
  • Listen to any Radio station worldwide.



  • X-ray can point out a medical problem that otherwise may be missed or ignored by the human eye
  • X-ray is the fastest and easiest way for doctors to locate, view, and assess sprains, torn muscles and broken bones
  • X-ray equipment is easily available and you will not be required to travel outside of where you are being seen
  • X-rays are the least expensive diagnostic methods when compared to other imaging techniques such as MRI or CT scan
  • No radiation remains in your body after you receive an X-ray examination



  • Telephones allow for relatively instantaneous connection between people
  • You have no visual cues (body language, facial expressions)
  • Telephone allows for ideas to be communicated swiftly over great distances without the need to be in the same room as someone



  • Automobiles are very important because they enable people to move from one particular place to another with ease.
  • Transportation is very useful because it saves a lot on time and provides great opportunities for the automobile owner
  • With transportation comes travelling which has been made possible by automobiles
  • As a result people can be able to travel wide and far.
  • With the use of automobiles, there is need to employ people to help with the manufacturing of cars

Washing machine


  • Hand wash takes too much time and your hands will get sore
  • You can wash heavy loads faster with washing machine.
  • You don't have to hire maids to do your laundry, just toss into the machine
  • Hand wash takes too much time and your hands will get sore!
  • You can wash heavy loads faster with washing machine.
  • You don't have to hire maids to do your laundry..just toss into the machine



  • Electricity is the most neat and clean form of energy.
  • It can easily be transported from one place to another with considerably high efficiency than any other form of energy.
  • Electricity in its original form is seldom used however it has the ability to be transformed from one form to another form very easily
  • You might have noticed it in your daily life, electrical energy being transferred to light energy(e.g bulbs), to mechanical energy(e.g washing machines) to heatenergy (water heater) etc.

Air Conditioner


  • Today's residential air conditioning systems allow you to enjoy your perfect indoor temperature in any of the rooms within your home
  • Today's air conditioning systems also reduce the humidity within your home to eliminate the 'stickiness'
  • With air conditioning installed, doors and windows can be kept closed keeping out those nusiance insects that keep you awake and bite in the night!
  • Being able to keep doors and windows closed also keeps out the noise
  • The ability to keep doors and windows closed in the summer also improves the security of your home, especially at night time
  • Convenient heat, exactly when you need it

Нами было проведено исследование по выявлению того, как учащиеся относятся к техническим изобретениям.

Результаты исследования (Results of the research):

Questionnaire Вопросы исследования Результаты исследования
1. Do you warm up the meal in the microwave? 1. Подогреваете ли вы еду в микроволновой печи? 72% - 24 человека (pupils)
2. Do you switch off the light when you leave the room? 2. Выключаете ли вы свет, когда уходите из комнаты? 18% - 6 человек (pupils)
3. Do you prefer to travel by the car or to go on foot? 3. Вы предпочитаете ездить на машине или ходить пешком? ездят на машине (drive the car) 57% - 19 человек (pupils)

ходят пешком (walk) 43% - 11 человек (pupils)

4. Do you recucle the trash? 4. Перерабатываете ли вы мусор? 6% - 2 человека (pupils)
5.Do you close the water while brushing your teeth? 5. Закрываете ли вы воду, пока чистите зубы? 21% - 7 человек (pupils)
6.What invention are you ready to refuse of?

a) car

b) telephone

c) TV

d) computer

e) dishwasher

6. От какого изобретения вы готовы отказаться:

а) машина (car)

б) телефон (telephone)

в) телевизор (TV)

г) компьютер (computer)

д) посудомоечная машина (dishwasher)

6. а) 9% -3 человека (pupils)

б) 0% - 0 человек (pupils)

в) 3% - 1 человек (pupils)

г) 0% - 0 человек (pupils)

д) 39% - 13 человек (pupils)

е) 30% - 10 человек (pupils)

Из полученных нами результатов, мы выявили, что лишь некоторые ученики готовы отказаться от каких-либо благ цивилизации в пользу экологии. Все ученики единогласно утверждают, что не представляют свою жизнь без телефона и компьютера. Стоит отметить, что все учащиеся знают о вреде, наносимом организму данными изобретениями, но считают, комфорт - превыше всего. И они не готовы жертвовать им ради природы.


Having learned the information we understand the importance of technical inventions in our life. It is very important for us to use them in such way that we could live without problems. We won't refuse of being up-to-date man in modern society.

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