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"Great Britain is the land of traditions and manners"

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Новокрещенова Анна

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8 класс

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Как важно быть манерным?

Цели исследования

1. Выявить особенности правил поведения в англо-говорящем обществе.

2. Определить от чего зависит успешность англисйкого бизнесмена.

План работы

1. Найти и проанализировать материал по данным вопросам.

2. Выяснить какие правила поведения характерны для англоговорящего общества.

3. Найти правила этикета за столом, которых следует придерживаться в Великобритании.

4. Определить портрет типичного английского бизнесмена.

5. Найти соотвествующие картинки.

6. Оформить полученные результаты в виде wiki-статьи.

Результаты исследования

Сommon rules of behavior in society

The observance of all the formalities is the style of English people life. The British first of all pay attention to all details.

When you are writing a letter you should observe all the refinements. You shouldn't address to somebody calling his name, if you don't receive special suggestion to do it. You should be knowledgeable about titles and social ranks. It is very important. But never give honorary titles to yourself.

The British people observe strictly the process of acquaintance. When you are making an acquaintance of somebody, it is important who will be the first to introduce. For example, in official atmosphere, the client will have the power, as he is a consequential figure.

The clothes of official people in England include strictness. The women wear costumes or dresses, and the men costumes with ties.

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When you enter the building you should take off your gloves.

Talking about business affairs to the Englishmen after the working day is considered a bad manner. For him all the talks about work stop with the ending of working day. This rule is valid during the dinner with your business partner.



The English regards with attention to the rules of table manners. Look through the list and try to follow them:

- Never put your hands on the table, keep them on your knees.

- Knives and forks do not remove from the plates, as the base for knives in England are not used.

- Do not transfer a cover from one hand to another. The knife should be kept in the right hand, fork - in the left, and their ends facing the plate.

- As a variety of vegetables are served with meat dishes, prick out a little piece of meat on a fork and with the help of a knife, put on some vegetables.

- Do not address to unknown people at the table, if you are not introduced.

- Do not kiss woman’s hand and do not shake the men’s hands. Do not make publicly such compliments as: "You have a beautiful dress." It will be seen as the greatest indelicacy.

- It is not accepted to talk with one person at the table. Everybody should listen to that person who talks and, in your turn, you should talk so that to be heard by all.

- If you are invited to the dinner, you must put on a dinner jacket and to the official party - in a tailcoat.

- If you want to be known as a gentleman, never uttered this word; the Scots and the Irish call "British", but not in any case - "English".

- At the restaurant the tip is put unnoticeably under the edge of the plate.

- Never begin to talk about business affairs until the dishes are ordered, of course, if someone of your partner is not the first to start this topic.

- If you want to show the waiter that you finish eating, place knife and fork parallel. If you just take a break from eating, put a knife with a fork criss-cross.


The portrait of English typical businessman

British business is characterized by the caste system so the young people entering the business world, occurring most from families who are engaged in business for many years. British businessmen are supposed to be the most qualified in the business world of the West.

Englishmen very carefully analyze the situation evolving in the world market.

They like to make up short-and medium-term forecasts. British businessmen prefer to enter into agreement that will profit in the near future, and, on the contrary, they unwillingly invest money, that will pay off only a few years.

Here is the most typical portrait of English businessman: well-trained, erudite man. His interests are very wide: from the literature and the arts to sports.

In English business there is a certain ritual of business communication, therefore, to achieve success, consider a purely English-specific:

- If English partner invites you to lunch, then you should not refuse and in no case to be late. In the sigh of respect, you should ask your partner how much free time he has.

- Maintaining relations with people whom once you had business affairs. Congratulate them the birthday and other holidays. Providing such attention, you will be known as educated and polite person.

- Business gifts for the British might be calendars, notebooks, lighters, brand pen, and at Christmas - alcoholic beverages. Any other gifts from your side will be seen as pressure on the partner, and your credibility will be undermined.

- Before the talks you should determine the structure of the market of the item which you promote and get information about the company which you are going to cooperate with. Negotiation is best to begin by talking about the weather, sports and the like other things.

- Try to win over your partners, and only then pass to discuss affairs.

Img229417 hedzhirovanie 1.gif

Some jokes about table manners

The small daughter of the house was busily setting the tables for expected company when her mother called to her: "Put down three forks at each place, dear." Having made some observations on her own account when the expected guests had dined with her mother before, she inquired thoughtfully: "Shall I give Uncle John three knives?"


There was a young lady of Cork,

Whose Pa made a fortune in pork;

He bought for his daughter

A tutor who taught her

To balance green peas on her fork.


Whistler, the artist, was one day invited to dinner at a friend's house and arrived at his destination two hours late. "How extraordinary!" he exclaimed, as he walked into the dining-room where the company was seated at the table; "really, I should think you might have waited a bit—why, you're just like a lot of pigs with your eating!"


We see that English manners of behavior in society differ from Russian very much. And if you are not knowledgeable about them you will be considered as a rude and uneducated person, and you can be laughed at. On the contrary, having learned the peculiarities of table manners, behavior in society and how to carry on negotiations you will have a success and your business affair will develop rather well.

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